Website Checklist

My biggest piece of advice regarding your website is ‘USE IT’. Imagine yourself as a potential customer and take a look around your site.

Is it easy to navigate? Can you find out about your services or products? Is your contact information current? Do your links work???

Take a look below at my checklist and give your website a check up today!

  • Your Brand/Company logo – clear, not too small, not too big.
  • Colours in line with branding, logo.
  • Font type – limit the numbers of font types used, make sure they are easy to read.
  • Use images of your products and services wherever possible, make sure they are relevant to your branding, location etc. Stock photo’s have their place on any great website but they need to be relevant to your customer/client.
  • If choosing to use a photo on your About Me page or Staff photo’s make sure they remain current.
  • Maintain a consistent narrative within all content.
  • No typos, no spelling errors and check grammar!!!
  • Keep content informative, clear and relevant.
  • Make sure no 404 error pages occur.
  • If you link any documents etc, make sure your links work!
  • Is your navigation is simple?
  • Have all logo’s link back to home page.
  • Don’t have too many options to choose from, keep headers/page menu’s to a few.
  • Have an option to come back to home page.
  • Is it easy for people to contact you or make a purchase?
  • Make sure your design is mobile friendly.
  • Consider graphic sizes at all times to allow your site to load quickly.
  • Be aware of font size – again not too small, not too large.
  • If you are product based – is it easy to make a purchase from your site?

My final advice regarding your website however small or large, is to keep the information up to date. Whether it be branding, logo’s, colours etc, what we see onsite needs to reflect your storefront and promotional products – the message needs to be consistent. It’s important to keep contact information, staff names and photo’s up to date.

Can’t find the time to complete your Website Check up?? Just push the button below, include your website link and I will take a look at your site and make some recommendations if needed?


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