Virtual Administrator vs Employee

What are the benefits?

What are the differences?

A Virtual Administrator is an independent consultant so you are not responsible to pay entitlements.

You are obligated to pay superannuation, taxes, accrue holidays, sick pay, numerous benefits and staff training expenses for employees.

The role of a Virtual Administrator can change with your needs.

The expectation of an employees work scope can be limited by the tasks listed in the position description.

With a Virtual Administrator they work for the hours that you require assistance. You are only paying for the time that’s needed to complete your tasks.

With an employee you must find tasks to keep them occupied even if you don’t have work to allocate to them.

A Virtual Administrator’s time is flexible. Work is completed within a timeline given by you.

An employee is generally restricted to work set times within typical business hours.

Virtual Administrator’s have access to resources and thrive on self development, expanding knowledge and love a challenge.

An employee may be limited to resources within the business and may be resistant to undertake continued learning.

There is no doubt that employees are valuable to you and the success of your business.

However there are times that you have greater workloads, peak operational times and growth periods that you might not be able to maintain. Or are just starting out and need some guidance – that’s when a Virtual Administration Consultant can be utilised.

I offer a free meet and greet consultation to discover how I can help you move forward in your business and welcome you to give me a call on 0400 580 475 or drop me a line via the contact box.


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