Do I hear sleigh bells?

If you haven’t already started, NOW is the time to start preparing for Santa’s arrival. By the time December arrives the weather is far too hot to consider long shopping hauls, the kids are about to start holidays and all too soon the visitors begin to arrive. Some preparation now makes all the difference. ForContinue reading “Do I hear sleigh bells?”

Virtual Administrator vs Employee

What are the benefits? What are the differences? A Virtual Administrator is an independent consultant so you are not responsible to pay entitlements. You are obligated to pay superannuation, taxes, accrue holidays, sick pay, numerous benefits and staff training expenses for employees. The role of a Virtual Administrator can change with your needs. The expectationContinue reading “Virtual Administrator vs Employee”

Why a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is typically self employed and provides professional administrative, creative or business assistance to clients remotely. Because virtual assistants are independent contractors, clients are not responsible for employee related expenses and taxes. Clients can avoid the logistical problem of providing office space, equipment and ongoing work. Various forms of communication andContinue reading “Why a Virtual Assistant?”